An Alert

I woke this morning and found an alert. Mr Depp is not in Maine. He was seen in Austin Tx. I had to change my plans and I am now in Austin Texas. I had stopped by the club where Mr Depp is a regular when in town.

I was not allowed in. I don’t know why it’s open to everyone. I think it was due to me wearing my “Where is Johnny Depp” T shirt, my Edward Scissorhand’s pants, and my worn out boots that are just like Johnny’s familiar old friends, and I was carrying a bushel of corn.  I had a feeling he wasn’t there in the club. So I went next door to the tattoo parlor.  I thought I might have spotted Mr Depp in the chair getting some more  “body ink”  There he sat,


I saw that he had a tattoo of budda – this didn’t strike me as odd considering Mr Depp has a necklace of Genesh. I thought it only fitting he would have budda inked on himself. After careful conversation I noticed that I was being decieved. However…. he did have tattoos, and he was wearing a necklace.


Gastric bypass : $10,000

Hair Plugs: $ 5,000

Laser removal of tats, and re inking: $ 7,000


Not bad, I could work with that. I’ll keep him on the shortlist.


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