I got word that Mr Depp was in Maine. I hopped a plane this morning. Arriving in Maine I then went to the town I was told about and asked locals if they knew where I could find the home he lived in. I showed a photo of the rather large home, and to my surprise most of the people asked just shook their heads when I asked.


I get the feeling they are protecting his privacy. I rented a car and went out on my own to find this home.  I didn’t have much to go on, but I knew it was close to a McDonalds.



I searched a 15 mile radius around 16 different McDonalds with absolutely no luck.  I went to the local docks and starting asking the people there if they knew where Angelique was at. I knew for sure she would know where Mr Depp was located. To my shock they said they did not know an Angelique. Again, they were hiding him. I did find the gates to the Estate, but after I entered I found myself in an old cemetery.  There was a freshly opened grave and I had to smile because I knew my fine detective skills were paying off. I would continue my search tomorrow morning.  For now I am in my hotel. One I chose to show my devotion. Tomorrow Mr. Depp, tomorrow.




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