Houston we have a problem

Since I was so close I decided to go to Houston Texas.  I know that Commander Armacost works there. I signed up for space camp.


I had to lie about my age, but apparently it was believable and before 8 am I was in a group of space camp kids.

At the end of the afternoon our instructor Mr. Reese( I know RIGHT!!?) asked if we had any questions. I moved to the front of the group and asked “Yes, I’d like to meet Commander Armacost.”  To which he gave me a puzzled look and replied  “I’m sorry I don’t think we have a Commander Armacost here.”  I put my arm around his shoulder and said “Mr Reese, we both know that he is here, all I need is for you to tell me where.”  He smiled and made his way to the phone.   This was it, I was about to see Mr Depp.  Two men came in shortly and told me to follow them. We made our way down several hallways and they were such kind gentlemen. They each held one of my arms. It was very thoughtful because I knew my knees may give out when I met Mr Depp.    Finally the last door.  As we approached I took a huge breath, I was about to see him finally. The door opened and to my surprise we were looking at a parking lot.  Okay I thought… he must be in the adjacent building.  They led me to a gate and escorted me through it. Then stepped back. They told me “Thank you so much for visiting NASA” and locked the gate. I answered gleefully “No thank you!”   as they left I stood there looking at my new ride to get me across the grounds to the launch pad.

This was just what I needed. I zoomed across the grounds pedal to the metal at 8 mph, and on my way I noticed the hangars with astronauts walking around. I zipped to my right and brought that cart to a squealing halt.  My foot got caught on my exit from the cart and I face planted. I could hear chuckles but I knew they were laughing at something prior to my approach. I walked in and asked if they knew where Commander Armacost was.  One man looked at me in bewilderment, and another starting laughing. I knew the laughing man had to be a  friend of Armacost. Another flight buddy was dialing the phone. He was letting Armacost know that I had arrived.  Within minutes the same gentlemen that led me to the gate, were coming around the side of the hangar. “WHAT SERVICE!” I thought. They kindly asked me if I would leave and I said “Sure just show me the way!”  They pointed towards the entrance. I knew what they were saying. I had to go straight past the launch pad and that is where Mr Depp was located. I ran  to the cart and took off. The two men were waiving their hands in the air behind me. I was also amazed to be getting escorts, lights all around me, sirens too.  I had to dodge one car that pulled in front of my cart. That was fun and I loved hearing those wheels squeal. My cart was equipt with a horn. I was really laying on it too.  It was an obstacle course placed by Mr Depp himself. I’m sure on behalf of my devotion. I’m very persistent but he probably wanted to see just how dedicated I was! Half way there I ditched the cart and started to run. Three jumpsuits trailing behind me.


This was not good, I knew they were wanting me for their own. As I was tackled to the ground I told them that Mr Depp AKA Commander Armacost is a very jealous man and wouldn’t like this at all. My hands were behind my back and I let them know I wasn’t that kind of girl. ( Not for them anyway)  As I was led away from the launch pad, we went by the crowds of people cheering and waiving. I waved back. They deposited me outside the front entrance and at that point a plane was flying by overhead. I looked up and knew it was Mr Depp in his plane. It was headed in the direction of New York.  He was going to the party there – or his apartment I don’t know which but I wouldn’t miss that NYC party for NASA    for ANYTHING. That wall has my name on it.



This was all a part of his plan.




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