New York

Stepped off the plane at JFK this morning. I headed straight for Little Italy to find Mr. Brasco. AKA Mr Depp.  Around 11 am I walked into a bar into a crowd of men with strong Italian accents. I asked right away ” Have any of you seen or know where Mr Brasco is at?”  They scattered like cockroaches.   Even the bartender disappeared. One older man that was sitting near the back spoke up ” I’ve been searching for him for 30 years.”  I walked closer to him.  I noticed that he did have some tattoos, and may have been in his mid 70’s.  He was dressed rather nice….. and I certainly started wondering if this would be my Johnny Depp.



Reconstructive Plastic surgery and a facelift: 50,000

More Tat ink:  $1,400.00

One glass eye:  $600.00


Keeping him on the short list


I decided it was time to head to MR Depps NYC apartment. The old man asked to accompany me but I said it wouldn’t be a good idea. Mr Brasco might get suspicious. He agreed and I left for the apartment.   On my way I noticed a crowd of people outside of some theater. They were all trying to take peeks at the celebrities during a premier.  I took out my phone and googled to see just what this was about.  Not a Depp premier, but I knew if I could get an autograph from a celebrity I could give them a note to get to Mr Depp. I pushed my way through the crowd to the front of them, and stood just behind the rope.


Charlize Theron!!  That’s who was making her way down the line signing autographs. This couldn’t be a kawinky dink, this was fate. I let her sign my purse and pushed my note written to Mr Depp inside her dress(the cleavage area where it would be safe)


It was at that point that two of her guards pushed me back into the crowd of people so that I could make my escape easily. I walked to the nearest bench and took out my phone again. an email alert beeped on my phone and again I was given a lead. I’d have to wait for the NYC apartment because I now knew that Mr Depp was in Florida visiting family.





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