It’s a Tribal Thing

Last evening while packing I took a break and checked my email. My google alert said that Mr Depp had become an honorary member of the Comanche Tribe.  AH HA!   I booked a flight to New Mexico. At the airport my spotter emailed me telling me that Mr Depp had been seen in albuquerque buying feathers. I decided to make my way to the Comanche area. I found they were having a pow wow. How exciting! Mr Depp AKA Raphael, AKA  TONTO  would have the prime opportunity to be one with his fellow tribal members. I chose my attire carefully so that I wouldn’t be conspicuous.

During the ceremony I noticed several Native American men who could be Mr Depp in one of his disguises.  Once they were done with their pow wow ceremony I walked up to one that was very suspicious looking.  Mr. Depp is clever but I could spot him anywhere in any disguise.  This disguise was the bomb, you could tell he was wearing make up and a prosthetic piece on his face.

“Hello Mr. Depp.”  I said. He told me straight away he was not Mr Depp. I smirked and told him quietly “Oh yes, I understand you don’t want anyone else to know.” I winked. He pointed to a lady and said, “she can help you”  I nodded and as I walked away I winked again, playing his game. I walked up to the lady and asked her ” Have you by chance seen Mr Depp, AKA TONTO?”  She looked at me and shook her head No.   I asked ” are you sure?”   She said “Very sure, I’ve never met him before in my life.”    I frowned.

How strange. I walked back to Mr Depp and handed him my cell number. “Call me later, I’m going to make my way back to the hotel – don’t want to look too suspicious.”

I am now at the hotel awaiting his phone call. It’s been 7 hours but I know he must be busy.

Incoming message on my phone, I’ll get back to you tomorrow with our phone conversation. I promise to share all the details!!


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