I hopped a flight to Florida today. Landed in Miramar this morning. I searched for Mr Depps old home.  There were 8 that I had to visit, I didn’t know which one was THE house. I only had a picture printed off from online. Of course it was the last one I visited. I knocked on the door and a man answered. “Yes”    to which I replied ” I’d like to know if Mr Depp is here.”    The man gave me a stern look and said, “If you’re one of those tourists coming down here, yes this is the house he used to live in, and no he doesn’t come around anymore.”   I stood there for a moment then said ” Well which room was his?”  The man said “I don’t know which one he stayed in”  I asked to come in, and the man stood there and as he was about to say NO, I quickly stated “If you’ll let me inside I’ll be able to tell which one was his bedroom, all I have to do is sniff it.”   A strange look went across his face and he gestured for me to enter.

I stepped inside and didn’t wait I went directly down the hall and started opening doors. I opened the last door on the left and sure enough I knew this was the room. The scent of gassy frito lay corn chips assaulted my nose.  Ripe corn chips.  That and the scent of young boy. I looked in the closet and didn’t find Mr Depp. I searched the home and didn’t find one clue that he may have left stating he had been there. This was the first time I have actually visited somewhere and MR Depp wasn’t there. However I wouldn’t give up the chance to see where he had lived as a teen. His presence is so strong, his aura so powerful that part of him was still in the air.

I think the next thing is to travel south – past the florida keys. Captain Jack AKA Mr Depp was sure to be seen.


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