Cape Canaveral

I arrived two hours ago and needless to say the powers that be at Cape Canaveral weren’t nearly as friendly as the head hanchos at Houston NASA. AS a matter of fact the guard at the entrance shack gave me problems on arrival. I showed up and of course he asked for identification. I took out my license and showed him. He asked if I had any other identification. I said ” Of Course not, I’m here to see Commander Armacost. Spencer Armacost. He went back inside the shack and played around on the computer and made a phone call. He stepped back out and said ” We do not have a Commander Armacost here.”   I told him that he needed to make sure because Armacost may have been reassigned here from Houston.  He went back in and made another phone call. I sat in my rental car listening to some Sirius Satellite radio.  Just then I decided that maybe I needed to tune in an AM frequency. Perhaps it would get me brownie points.

he was taking forever so I decided that I’d turn up the radio., and lay my head back on the headrest. About that time a knock on my window. I opened my eyes and turned to see two men. They told me to please exit my vehicle. I was getting excited. I got out of the car and recognized the two men. “Hey you guys!!  What are you doing here in Florida, I thought you only worked Houston!”  They took me to the side of the vehicle. ” Well Ma’am we got word that you may try to come here so they sent us down here to speak with you.”  I immediately thought – Who told them I would be here?-  Then it dawned on me. Mr Depp AKA Commander Armacost.  I grinned and said ” Is that so?”    They told me NASA didn’t have anyone by that name that worked for them. They also said I would not be allowed to go inside the main gate.  I was very disappointed but relieved to know that I would not have to spend the day looking for Mr Depp at a place he wasn’t visiting. This gave me more than enough time to head out to the islands. He was probably vacationing on the Black Pearl.

I handed the men a picture that I had made on my computer and told them to have a great day and thanks for all their help. I also gave one to the guard at the shack and he had a good grin from the photo.    WELL On to the islands. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

OH…the photo I gave them to remember me by:


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