Pirates No where in the Caribbean!

I was happy to reach the beach, I must have spent a whole two hours asking anyone if they had seen the Black Pearl. Most people just looked at me as though I were a bizarre creature. I mean come on who hasn’t heard of the Black Pearl. I rented a sail boat and did some sailing with some other folks. We did happen to see a ship – I noticed it said The Jolly Roger on it. As we came back in, I decided to see if I could board this Jolly Roger. The captain and crew said that it would be fine, although it did cost a certain amount to have dinner and the whole 9 yards while aboard. I gladly paid the amount and watched as several other people did the same. I asked the Captain if he knew were Captain Jack Sparrow could be located, to which he replied, ” I say, he’s not Captain of this vessel.”  I answered back, ” Are you sure?”  He could be anywhere and I’m thinking he might be disguised as another man on your ship. Perhaps I should take a look”  He nodded and said ” Suit yourself”

I looked below deck and the only thing I found was a couple – really sightseeing IF ya know what I mean, and another man that was drunk and facing grain sacks talking to them(the sacks) I figured that it wouldn’t be the best time to ask him anything.  Once on deck again, I told the Captain that the ship was indeed clear, but that I needed to go back into shore. He said that would be another two hours after the dinner cruise was finished. I told him that wasn’t good enough. I had to go that very minute because time was precious.


He bend to his left and whispered something to another crew member. The crew member motioned for me to follow him. I did, and before I knew it they had given me a small pink inflatable raft, and pointed in the direction I needed to row. I smiled and told them “THANK YOU!  Very considerate of you! ”


It took me six hours to paddle into shore.  I fell asleep on the beach and woke up 2 hours ago. I’m now back at my hotel. It’s 1 am.







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