My New Career

As I stated previously being blond and blue eyed, I believe I’d fit perfectly into a Native American role. Starting as an extra doesn’t bother me at all. I have a very good feeling that when the casting director or director for that matter takes one look at me, they will – more than likely cast me as Tonto’s love interest.   My plan thus far is to show up on set. The phone calls I made the last 48 hours have not been returned so I must take matters into my own hands. (no doubt Mr Depp AKA Tonto told them I would be calling. I’m assuming this is so I work hard and it doesn’t appear it was just “handed” to me)  I understand. I know security is high on set, so I believe I can show up by coming over the east ridge of mountains directly beside the movie set.  That will also show them my perserverence.


That will transpire as soon as I know Mr Depp is back on the set filming. Until then I will plan and prepare. I’ve called friends and family and let them know I will be becoming a movie star and won’t need to come visit as often. I also mentioned that security will be very tight around me so if anyone needs to talk with me please keep my email. I didn’t want tons of emails asking for passes and tickets to events. I won’t have time for that.

Life is about to change.



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