Ever been camping?

I took a flight to Utah. I’m stationed outside of Mr Depp’s AKA Tonto’s filming set. The phone reception isn’t the best here so this won’t be a long entry.  I bought a coleman tent and some supplies in town. No one will even know I’m here.

I didn’t think about the heat and it’s been really hot. I had to hike back to town and get a case of water. It wasn’t easy carrying it back to camp, but it was a necessary evil. I’ll make sure I stay hydrated, because I’m not for sure how long it’s going to be until filming starts again. Maybe just a couple of days.

I can’t wait to see their faces when I come down that mountain ridge. I’m sure I’ll be welcomed when I finally make my way to them. It’s night and getting cooler here. I didn’t buy a warm blanket, so tomorrow I’ll hike back to the supply store. Until then I’ll try to get some sleep. I hope I can. I keep hearing a bug rattling somewhere and I can’t locate it, but I know it’s watching me laughing it’s ass off.




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