I woke pretty early  this morning. I thought someone was trying to unzip my tent., it was either that or that damn bug making noise again.  I turned over in my tent to see this staring back at me:


I’m not sure you’re aware, but this was not a bug.  It dawned on me that this is the very “bug” that had been making so much noise. Apparently it didn’t like the idea of where I decided to pop my tent.  After 20 minutes of running, jumping,screaming, and almost losing my life twice I escaped from my sleeping bag. The snake also escaped right behind me out of the tent, and followed, no chased me across the sand and rocks. My sleeping bag fell away from me as I ran and the snake crawled inside. I made my way back to my camp and packed everything up.  I have now moved to a safer camping area where I do not have to worry about snakes.


The rocks should give me something to place some of my belongings on. Tonight I will be making a map of the area. I’ll draw out where I need to make my appearance when filming begins again. As you’ll notice behind me in the picture the distant mountain range. The other side of those will be the area MR DEPP AKA TONTO will be located.

All I can say is I’m glad these rocks will help to give protection from the elements and snakes.






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