Desert AKA Snake Country

I hiked back into town today to buy a good blanket and new sleeping bag. When I returned my tent was gone. I hiked back to town for a new tent.  They were out. I had to buy some makeshift crap so that I could make a shelter for myself. I figured with some rope and tarps I could tie the rope around the rocks, after tying them to the tarps and have some kind of covering. After spending 4 hours hiking, it’s 1 hour each way. I returned to make myself  shelter.  As I placed the rope through the O rings of the tarps, I then made my way in between two rocks so that I could tie the rope to the rocks.  I had in my mind what my new “fort” would look like:

What  I noticed was most unpleasant: On the rock staring at me??  My old “friend”  Just waiting for me to make my next move.

I didn’t move too fast, every time I’d take a step to the left, it would move slightly in that direction, then to my right, it followed.  I took a step backward, and it came closer.  As I’m trying to figure out how to escape with my life, I kept thinking “What would Tonto do?”, and “Where is Gary Farmer when you need him??!”   Nobody to help me.

It hissed and came after me, I’m running for my life, tarp in my arms, sleeping back strapped to my backpack.  I ran, it chased. I had a feeling for some reason this snake didn’t want me here at all. I was starting to wonder if a jealous woman placed the snake in the desert for me to meet my demise and miss Mr Depp. There are many that want Mr Depp for their own mind you.

I had to lighten my load and I untied my sleeping back while running. It hit the ground and unrolled itself, just as the snake slithered  into it.

The BASTARD took my new sleeping bag – AGAIN!

I am not sleeping in the sleeping bag tonight. I have a blanket and it’s under the open stars.  I’m not allowed to use the rocks.


As I was laying under the stars tonight I received another GOOGLE alert. Apparently MR DEPP had a hankering for Mexican food. It’s off to find this mysterious PINK TACO.  What is a Pink Taco made of anyway????


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