Ok I got a flight out this morning. I rose before the sun came up and hiked into town, then purchased a rental car to the airport. Upon arriving at this PINK TACO –     ……..THERE WASN”T anyone by the name DEPP there.


They said I had missed him by a couple of days. More google alerts today showed pictures of Mr Depp at the Pink Taco a few nights ago. Proof that these people were indeed telling the truth and not trying to trick me.  I will be traveling back to the desert, but before hiking out to my camping location I plan to hang posters and give word to all the business owners in the nearest Utah town to notify me at the first sign of MR DEPP aka TONTO. I will drop those off complete with a phone tree of who to call first and last in order to make sure word gets to me.





I do have another idea and I won’t be posting it here until the mission is accomplished. The reason for secrecy? I know Mr Depp is reading my entries here at this blog and in order to be successful I must not disclose what I’m about to do. Mr Depp loves to place obstacles in my way to see how serious I am. I assure you my devotion is sincere Mr Depp.


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