Dinner Tonight

The Stonewood Restaurant – it was fantastic. It’s located at the Angelfire Country Club. I had a very good time.  The food was fantastic and they serve very good Long Island Teas.

As the evening progressed I started to take note of the males at the table.  One senior citizen,  one black gentleman, and one other that I felt and still feel was MR Depp himself.  I knew this wasn’t going to be easy and he did provide a very good challenge. There aren’t many people who can see through Mr Depp’s disguises but I have years of experience on my side.  As we sat at dinner I started to take note of this man and his mannerisms.  I also had to remember that Mr Depp is a very talented actor and could be hiding some of his natural mannerisms.  After all he did say with today’s technology he could very well play Carol Channing.
I spoke with this man and asked him what he did for a living. He told me that he was the owner of an eclectic shop in Angelfire. He stated that some of the crew members from the Lone Ranger had bought some items in his shop to be used as props at the filming location. I asked him if he knew where this location was at, and he said he had a pretty good idea.  As we talked he divulged where this location was at, and I quickly added it to my phone. I asked him “Johnny, how much longer will you be filming before it wraps up?’ The man looked at me puzzled and answered, “Excuse me, um, my name is Walter.”      “AH, W A L T E R, ”  I said. Alright I understand.

I did for a moment begin to think that this man really Walter.  I was almost sure now that either this man was who he said he was, OR Mr Depp almost had me fooled. At any rate – I looked him over.













Rogaine for hair growth (both head and facial) –  $75.00

Nose Job (shave that boulder down into Johnny’s perfect schnoz) – $ 7,800.00

New Wardrobe- $15,000

Legs being shortened (for appropriate height) – Risky – $ 25,000

Continued acting lessons –  $ 150.00 and hour

Tattooing – $ 16,000

= $64,000  without the lessons.
Doable but I need to think it over. I’ll keep him on the short list.

Yours Truly,


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