Lone Ranger Needs Extras??!!

I found this today on my GOOGLE alerts:

Gabel, of EG Productions in Albuquerque, said filming is scheduled to begin about Monday (Aug. 20) in the Angel Fire/Taos area.

“We don’t have a certain date, but it’s in that time-frame,” she said.

New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis would not confirm that, but he said filming of the production would take place in New Mexico for the next two weeks.

“For security and other reasons, I can’t tell you where they’re going to be shooting other than they’ll be shooting around the state,” he said.

Gabel said she is looking for men, women and children between about 9 and 70 years old to appear as extras.

LOL That’s so funny! For Security reasons.  Well GABEL  the cat is out of the bag. I happen to know two places that filming is to take place.  August 20th that’s exactly five days from now and in the mean time I have been purchasing some things I’ll need in case I have to camp out or case the filming area.  Today I purchased some much needed items:

Night Vision Binoculars











HD Recording Glasses

  • HD Video and Audio Recording
  • Battery Life of 90 Minutes
  • Records with the Touch of a Button
  • Modern Fashionable Design


Tracking GPS Logger

  • GPS Data Logger 
  • Track a Child, Adult, Vehicle or Asset
  • Size – 4″ x 1.5″ x 1.3″
  • Battery Life of 2 Weeks
  • View Routes on Google Maps or Google Earth
  • Water Resistant
  • PC Compatible
  • IF I can get this on MR Depps luggage I’ll be ahead of his game!



And of course

Cruex Jock Itch Anti-Fungal Spray Diversion Can Safe

I’m not sure what I’ll place in here, but I might hide a gift for Mr Depp and have it delivered to him.

I’m going to be buying a larger duffle bag too. I need room for all of my new items. Tomorrow I’ll buy a new tent and accessories. I’ll also be emailing the casting person. I’ll get an extra part for sure.  I hope NM doesn’t have a snake issue.





Yours Truly,


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