AKA Gilbert Grape

Knowing that filming won’t start until the 20th and I’m waiting to hear about what extra part I’ve received. I wondered just where Mr Depp AKA TONTO was.  It was at that time I remembered hearing that MR Depp AKA GILBERT GRAPE’s mother had lost a tremendous amount of weight.  AH. It would seem a short stint to Kansas was in order.

I took a plane to Wichita this morning and drove to the little town he lived in, and I’ve been out searching the backroads for that old farmhouse he was in during his time as Gilbert. I’ve asked numerous people where the Grape house was at. None of them knew. I went into town and did find a grocery store with a young man working there. I asked him if he made deliveries and he dropped his broom and ran as fast as he could into the back of the grocery store.Back where they stored stuff.









I didn’t follow him but I knew he must be the new “delivery boy” in town.  I did try to find a diner and apparently it closed or a new business must have opened where it once was. I didn’t see a water tower either. That’s probably a good thing considering how dangerous it was. I stopped at the local developmental disabilities home and asked the house manager if they knew where the Grapes lived.  One of the boys there told me that grapes live at the store. Which I replied I had already been there and no, there weren’t any Grapes there.  He looked confused and it was at that point the house manager asked me to leave.

For such a small town they sure are rude.  I went back to the countryside and happened to see a very large woman going into her home.  I think I’ll just stay here tonight and stake this out. No doubt Mr Depp has been visiting his OTHER mom.  He may very well be here.


Yours Truly,



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