You see…there’s a river by Depp

First let me say that I was contacted and told that I didn’t have the look, they were looking for. I was too fair. I knew I should have dyed my hair dark.  I had to resort to plan B –  I found the river in the state park. Apparently they are cracking down and security is high. I found a reed that I could breath through and started my journey underwater.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to WALK against a current? Never mind the different depth to the bottom even 5 feet away from the banks of the river. I had to make my way back to camp and get my other gear if I was going to be successful. I did just that and returned an hour later.








I did finally reach the set filming site about an hour and a half later. The problem was that filming had lasted only 7 hours and they finished up two hours before I arrived. That’s how the above picture was taken. That was my arrival and the photo was taken by a very nice security guard that even sent me the photo via email as long as I promised to leave.  I thought to myself ” Of course I’m leaving, Mr Depp is probably very upset that I was late and he had to move on to the next filming site. After all they are wrapping up this movie”  I knew I had let him down.  I agreed with the man before me and made my way back to camp. I didn’t know how I was going to make this up to Johnny.  Mr Depp, AKA TONTO. I felt just awful. Here he was embracing nature – becoming one with it. Feeling his native roots. I didn’t complete my mission.  I could just see his disappointment from miles away.











When the photo of myself  was emailed to me, I did ask the gentleman in a return email to send a copy to Mr Depp. It would show Johnny, and prove to him that  I tried.

I have several Google alerts and a lead as to where he was  filming next. I must be quicker this time. I’m moving my camp site closer to the new filming site.  It may however involve buying some repelling gear.  More to come.

Yours Truly,


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