Jambo DEPP









Has anyone ever eaten here? It’s the bomb! Loved it!. Someone must tell Mr Depp AKA Tonto about this place! I visited this morning and it’s fantastic!  He doesn’t know what he’s missing!


The security is very high around the film site. I’ve decided that I have to get them off my track. I think that security guard must have tattled on me, however Mr Depp has advised that my photo be posted up all around the film set. That way when they see me they will allow me in.  I suppose I’ll just have to wait until they let the little men on the totem polls know. I don’t know HOW they don’t understand when my photo is everywhere!  Damn rent a cops.


Anyway I  made some new shoes. I used a sharp rock to carve out the “design” of the shoes.  I used them last night to case out the film site. This morning I knew they had worked because  the guards have also posted up another paper that reads “LOSE LARGE DOG, if you see the animal please quarantine!”    Silly guards! They are no match for me.  OH a photo of my shoes:








Those guards think it’s a dog. They said a LARGE dog. They also think it’s been going potty next to their shack.


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