On the opposite and to the far north of the guard shack  – that is where I must descend from. I went out to day and did some trial and error repelling classes with some locals that are “professionals” in the field. I’m not sure I believe that because I found numerous ways to take shortcuts that will help me to be quick and virtually unseen. This must be the biggest surprise ever.  Took a photo of the “professionals” in action.











I did learn some things and had fun daydreaming about how this was going to play out. I returned to my camp and on my way I heard the security guards talking about the large dog that is still at “large” they aren’t happy that it keeps coming round the shack and that means more clean up for them. :shrugs: Don’t keep Miss Kate Van WinFenn from her man.  OH and my name, I had it legally changed to Kate Van WinFenn. If you don’t know why I suggest you look up Mr Depp AKA Tonto’s past.  IT should be clear. I encompass all that needs to be.


SO I have my apparel ready for my big arrival day. I’ve been carrying it with me for several weeks.  I plan on wearing this into the set. For our meeting.









Yours Truly,


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