Yesterday I spent some time in Cincinnati. I knew where Mr Depp would be, so I kindly took it upon myself to attend Mr Depp, AKA COMMANDER ARMACOST’S friend’s funeral.

It was in a small suburb of Cincinnati and upon my arrival I was asked who I was with and or my name. I told them “I am with Commander Spencer Armacost”  They let me pass. There were many space guru’s attending.  Hundreds actually. During the service I was looking around trying to find where Armacost was seated.  I didn’t see him, but I had something more important to ask. After the service I went up to one of the men and asked them for the truth about Mr Armstrong.  ” Did the alien evacuate his body?”   They looked at me quite strange, and I then added ” I know that the older the host the harder it can be, but since the alien had been with him for some time maybe due to Mr Armstrongs age, it had to move “out” ”   Their faces went pale. Then I knew I was correct. The alien had left it’s hosts body. Commander Neil Armstrong was free. Finally free.    Now the question was “where was the alien?”   Commander Armacost would know. Perhaps he took it within himself. He was known to do that sort of thing.

I turned to go towards Mr Armstrong and say my final fare well.  Apparently security was having problems with some guests and I heard on of them yell at a distance ” Get the stun gun!”    I paid no attention to their antics. I needed to say farewell to Mr Armacost’s dear friend.

Just before I reached him, I felt an electric shock all over my body. I shook from head to toe uncontrollably. It felt like electricity. The next thing I knew it was black. Everything just went to blackness.  I woke up with two women over me. They helped me to my feet and asked me if I needed help getting a cab. I told them no thank you and made my way out of the building.   I  needed to get  back to my hotel. I caught a cab and arrived back safely and entered my room. I got undressed, and laid down on my bed. I knew what had happened. The alien transferred itself into me. That was the electric feeling that was so painful that had surged through me. I’m so sorry if anyone was frightened. This is totally unexpected.  I will protect it. I am honored.  SPENCER, AKA Mr Depp – We now share even more in common.  Heads up Commander.

Yours Truly,

Kate Van WinFenn

***** This post is meant as humor and I mean NO disrespect to Neil Armstrong or his family. It’s with deep sadness that we say good bye to him.  Condolences to all who knew him. Thank you for making children smile and dream of having your job all over the world. We’ll miss you Commander.


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