I live in my bathroom

Since the funeral and returning home, I haven’t been outside of my bathroom except for food.  I’m convinced I can stare this alien out. Now… I’m not so sure I want it out. Actually I’ve been debating since I started the stare off.  This is quite something special.  Mr Depp AKA Spencer has the same thing. There are so many questions to consider.


1.  Would Mr Depp want me to be without this alien?

2. Does the alien feel as though I am trying to get out of my obligated duty to it?

3. Do the aliens know each other? Surely they do.


I have to make up my mind soon because tomorrow I am due to visit another place Mr Depp will be located.  I also can see where the alien entered my body. I have a bright red burn on my ass.  Silly creatures.




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