Lake Tashmore II

I arrived on the front porch of the cabin at 8:03 pm. Checking the door it was open. I stepped inside. I made my way to the pantry and checked for Doritos. Check.

I then went to the fridge and checked for Mt. Dew. Very low. Must mean he was or had been here.  Papers strewn around the cabin floor. Check.

I didn’t notice any of the wood carved into. Nothing that read SHOOTER. He must have repaired that.  Keep it on the down low.  I went to the side of the kitchen obscured to the outside windows and took off my camo gear.  I had to search the upstairs.








I climbed the steps and heard the sound of water ………and singing!  YES! He was here!!  I listened and made my way to the entrance of the bathroom. I wanted to listen to him sing just a little longer.













Then, I made my move. I spoke confidently ” Here I was coming for Mr. Depp AKA Mort and you are thinking more Rum Diary shower.  Very very HOT! The singing stopped and I opened the shower door to see my man in all his glory! To which he promptly hopped out and screamed!






This was a surprise to me. I wasn’t sure what to think, but I stood there with my biggest smile on my face and started to make some assessments

Hair Plugs:  $10,000

Inking $8,000

Gym Membership $150 per month]

Therapy: $125 per hour.


Doable – not sure he’ll make the short list. He forced me by gun point – rifle actually out of the house. He even declined my request for a Mt. Dew.










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