Public Enemies


In deciding to take things into my own hands again, I’ve made the decision to visit Chicago. I’ve been here before but it’s been years. Since The Lone Ranger is now in post production Mr Depp AKA John Dillinger should be taking a break and is probably in the Chicago area chilling.  I arrived early this morning. It wasn’t a long flight from where I live. I checked into my hotel and promptly headed for the very place Mr Depp AKA JOHN D ( notice the same initials) would be located.






















I walked into the lobby and knew I’d have to wait.

After 4 hours a security guard approached me and asked if I had been helped. I said “No, but thank you I’ll just wait here.”  The man left and then another man in a suit came up to me. He asked me if I needed assistance. By this time I was getting a little irritated with people bothering me.  I let him know “I am waiting for Mr. Dillinger, thank you.”   I have never seen a man go so white, or turn around so quickly and walk away. Johnny has that effect on people, and it was obvious the man realized I was waiting for Mr Depp AKA John Dillinger. I sat quietly and waited.

Several minutes later there were cops everywhere. They came up to me and asked me to leave the lobby, they were telling everyone to vacate the bank.  Everyone was filing out. I knew it was in this moment that a celebrity AKA MR DEPP would be appearing. I silently slipped into the front lobby guard desk. I got underneath the desk.  I could hear people leaving and I thought to myself “Johnny is soooo smart! To have everyone leave so the incident in New Mexico didn’t happen again!”  I sighed a sigh of relief.  About 20 minutes later I peered over the desk and saw no one. I made my way to the lobby where others make deposits and withdrawals. I stood at the window, where bank officials would help a client out.  I waited and waited. No John Dillinger.  It was at that point several strange looking men in costumes appeared.  So intelligent! I wondered which one he was.







They shouted for me to leave the lobby and get out. One grabbed me and escorted me from the bank. I never saw the guard or the first man in a suit again. I didn’t know where they were. The police outside were talking about a bank robbery.  It then dawned on me that someone was trying to ROB the bank and that we were all in danger. I was worried for MR DEPP AKA John Dillinger, but they must have gotten him to safety already. I was disappointed but knew this was necessary. I am now safe and at my hotel.


Geesh, Chicago is still ridden with crime.  I lucked out today.

Yours Truly,


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