Barnes and Noble – FRAUD ALERT

Not only do we have trolls on the internet but here’s a big one.  Who the hell thinks that Johnny Depp is going to publicize WHERE he’s going to be? Do you know the work I’ve had to do and the things I’ve had to do to get that information?!  This is clearly a fraud. An imposter, probably one of the look a likes or better yet STUNT doubles that will be in attendance with Mr Echols.  My question is, “Does Damien know this?”  Maybe the poor man is in the dark.  That’s so disheartening. Oh well, if he doesn’t know the real Johnny yet I can’t do a thing about it. If you think for one second I am going to waste my money on a plane ticket to go see a fake you have another thing coming.

When situations get dangerous ( and we all know how dangerous Barnes and Noble is) there is always a stunt double.  That is what will be taking place. My proof is below. Save your money. Buy Damien’s book online instead.












(We’re on to you Tony!)

Yours Truly,


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