Damien Echols! I got it!

I finally figured it out. I have been wondering just who this Damien Echols guy is. He was either in Duran Duran or New Kids on the Block.  It’s one of the two.  I think it’s definately Duran Duran, because Mr Depp stated in the movie Jack and Jill that he was a member of the group. All the band got that crow looking tattoo at TIFF last week.

The Band Duran Duran










One thought on “Damien Echols! I got it!

  1. Tats, huh? Have none myself. Looks painful! Ouch!

    What’s with the Asian type tats? I think I saw something similar on the removable hardtop of a car at a martial arts center once. Thought I was seeing double until that emblem was caught my eye.

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