It’s 5:00 am

oh god.


I had a chili coney today. I ate it around 6pm shortly before barnes and noble.  Some people told me not to eat coneys from a vendor after 1 pm – I didn’t listen. I am posting from the pot.  The porcelain God. That good ol taker of poisons and …… it doesn’t matter what does matter is that I don’t think this is the coney at all. I’ve had several signs its not. My stomach started to cramp, then my lower abdomen started to cramp. I broke out in a sweat, and started to have dry heaves.


























I’m convinced due to those things that it’s the alien. It’s trying to escape. Since Mr Depp AKA Mr Armacost is in NYC the alien is trying ot reconnect with him.  At least Mr Depp is close. Probably upset that his impersonator stunk so bad.  How embarrassing for him.  I don’t know what this thing looks like but it’s pushed everything out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see my liver plop into the water next. That’s all that’s left.  Anyway I won’t let the alien go. I’m doing my best to hang onto it. I’ve taken 4 immodiums and chased it with pepto. I won’t let go. It’s the only connection I have. Right now anyway.

It’s throwing a fit, I can hear it inside making gurgling sounds, and it talks back with a growling sounds and hot air.

I wanted to place my camera on the tripod and take some photos in case anyone else could see it. I’ve posted a picture from earlier above and once I’m done typing I’ll post one that is being taken at this very moment. Earlier I was in my hotel room, now I’m at the local convenience store. ( More immodium)  And free WiFi


Good evening/morning to you all.


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