Sizing up the opposition

The Opposition – I have to make sure these things are not an issue.

#3 –  Extreme Emotions

#2 –  Spouses

#1 –  Security


I think I’ve got a handle on the extreme emotions. I do not drool all over myself or faint when in close proximity to Mr Depp, however at Barnes and Noble fainting did come to mind, when I was choked for breath after the gas enveloped me. So check on the extreme emotions – crying, fainting, screaming, drooling,touching oneself, and catatonic states.

Second, spouses of said celebrity. Well thank you Mr Depp, this has been taken care of.

Most important, SECURITY. Mr Depp has a couple of body guards, one is Jerry. I believe he is an ex navy seal. Big deal. That doesn’t impress me, but I have to say this might be a little bit of a challenge. This guy Jerry looks pretty serious. Almost anxious to push someone in the face.  You  can clearly see him coming around another man in the background.  Does he think the body guard to the front of Johnny is a fan? Jerry has a look of determination on his face that scares the shit out of me. Maybe he is going to tackle the bald guy that is barely visible behind Johnny.

anyway I’d like to show some other examples of this man Jerry.  I don’t think the man smiles while out and about with Johnny. Sure sure, there are photos of him smiling when he’s with Johnny, but it’s like he snaps into mode out on the red carpet or at events and it’s like a scarrier version of Mr Woodcock.
Um and at times he doesn’t let him sign autographs. SO I’m going to devise a way to master this obstacle. This man is serious.





Who pissed him off in this next picture????  ( he’s frighening me)












This could be a little more challenging than finding out where MR DEPP will be next BUT Jerry AKA The Bodyguard can’t be that good, after all he didn’t see me behind the chair at Barnes and Noble.


Game on Jerry, GAME ON



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