Across the Pond

Knowing that Mr Depp had an impersonator in NYC for Barnes and Noble, it was only logical that he himself would be hopping a flight. He seems to be on Holiday and where else would he go from NYC but across the pond. He drops an imposter here in NYC and takes flight to London.  I too will follow on to London on my trans atlantic flight tomorrow morning.  I know exactly where he is going to be located in London.  Fleet Street.  Mr Depp AKA Sweeney Todd won’t be hard to locate. I have planned well and have all the essentials necessary to find him.

Soundtrack to Sweeney Todd downloaded on iPOD – CHECK

Earbuds – CHECK

Printed lyrics to all the songs – CHECK

Time Period Costume – CHECK


I won’t have any place to practice the songs I’ll be singing on the London streets except the plane. My audience will have another kind of “movie” to watch during their travels. A musical by yours truly.







I leave bright and early in the morning and should be in London by 3pm  EST



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