Fleet Street


The morning after I arrived went well. I put on my costume and headed out to find this Fleet street. I asked several people and they turned up their noses but told me directions to what I was asking for.  I had my ipod ready to go and knew that my singing would bring out Mr Depp AKA Mr Todd.  Down the street I went singing

I feel you Johnny
I feel you
Do they think that walls can hide you?
Even now I’m at your window
I am in the dark beside you
Buried sweetly in your dark hair

I was looking in every barber window i could.  I WOULD find Mr Depp and the barber poll. He probably had the biggest one on the street.

Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around.
Nothing’s gonna harm you, no sir, not while I’m around.

Demon Jerry’s are prowling everywhere, nowadays,
I’ll send ’em howling,
I don’t care, I got ways.


I found a shop sure than it was Mr Todd’s but once inside I didn’t see the huge trunk that was suppose to be there. Then realized  of course it wouldn’t be there! they had to dispose of that!  Body inside and all. I found the barber. Must be Johnny AKA MR TODD

























Hair dye: 60 bucks

inking: 7000 bucks

clothing/costuming  800 bucks

burning the shoes and socks: Funeral home incineration: 200 bucks

AGAIN with the reconstructive surgery – Ex- ten-SIVE  250,000 bucks


wasn’t really what i was looking for but money can do a lot of good and necessary changes. This man also didn’t look to be packing a whole lot up front. That’s not going to work. PUMP 75 bucks.


I haven’t made up my mind if he’ll make the short list. Becoming Johnny is more than just looks, and this man didn’t have charisma. Reminded me of a serial killer which certainly doesn’t fit the profile of Mr Sweeney Todd.


Once back at my hotel I found out that TONY Mr Depps double had been to Oklahoma. Funny, that so many are falling for this. When they find out they’ll be pissed no doubt.  Poor Johnny has to run around getting tattoos to keep up with Tony’s love of ink. bastard. However making people believe he was still in the states??? Priceless. well played Mr Depp, Well Played.  Tomorrow I will continue my search in London. Game on Inspector Abberline, Game on.


Yours Truly,




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