Scam scam

before you spend your money to come and see where Jack the Ripper killed the prostitutes I’m going to let you in a lil secret. Today I prepared myself to take the JACK THE RIPPER tour. I knew they would be mentioning Inspector Abberline. I wanted to look the part and so another costume had to be found. Luckily I did find one.

The costume was not the problem. At every point on the tour we were showed where a victim was killed. I promptly asked where Inspector Abberline could be located. After two times of asking the tour guide said that Inspector Abberline passed away many years ago. Here’s the issue the last victim was named Mary Kelley. She was hacked to pieces. do you know where the tour guide took us?? A fucking parking lot. He said it use to be where her apartment stood. Can you say Ripped off for a tour ticket? Yes. I was very upset and I knew from this fraud that the tour and what he said about inspector abberline was incorrect. I went straight to the police department. At least where I was told the police department was.  The man I asked not only didn’t appear to be a police officer ( he had on a funny costume) but he grew frustrated at my questions about inspector abberline.

I knew at that point that I was too quick in thinking that Mr Depp AKA Inspector Abberline would be located at the police department. In fact he’s probably at the pub the tavern. Called the Ten Bells. Where all the prostitutes hang out. I decided to make my way to the tavern. Imagine my surprise when those in the tavern looked at me like I was a whore. Hello?! Aren’t these people use to this?  I did ask the tender if hookers still visited. He said it wasn’t that kind of a tavern any longer and if they did, he didn’t know.  I was pissed. Really pissed. I figured out that in skipping down the streets looking for Mr TODD, I should have been looking for Abberline and I’d probably missed him completely.  BACK to the fu**ing hotel!

I am leaving tomorrow morning. Tonight however I am going to try and do some research and find out where Mr Depp really is.  Now as long as nothing else traumatic happens and things go smoothly I’ll be alright.


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