For the love of Chocolat

I took the train into France this morning.  I’m staying in a quiet small village, and I’m very sure I’m going to be finding Mr Depp AKA ROUX on the outskirts of this village. The people here are very private and don’t make eye contact very much.  I did however find a chocolate shop so I know I’m in the right place.

I bought 78 american dollars worth of chocolat today.  No sign of him in the shop but I wouldn’t expect him to be there. He’s probably on his boat at the lake. Mr Depp AKA ROUX is a very smart man. No doubt I’ll find him at that location tomorrow morning. Tonight I am setting up camp at the edge of the woods near the lake. I have a small fire going and it’s quite nice. Don’t ask about phone reception it sucks. I’ve tried to update my fellow readers three times now. Let’s hope this time the draft actually posts.

I have washed with the most beautiful smelling soaps and I have place french purfume upon my body. With the slight breeze blowing in the direction of the house boats, no doubt ROUX will get a faint wiff. May he have wonderful dreams tonight. I am snuggling down with my sleeping bag, and will be toasting smores.  I bid you all good night and tomorrow is going to be my lucky day.

p.s. I haven’t seen Jerry at all. This is a good sign.


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