Recovering from France

I have now recovered for hundreds of whelps on my body. The Doctor said hives actually. He told me to for go wearing anything scented, perfumes, lotions, etc while camping. Apparently it attracts mosquitos and other insects. (Including bees)


I did make it to the docks where the houseboats were at to find Mr Depp, but most of the men wouldn’t let me near them looking like a polka dotted monster. They thought I was contagious.


I’m leaving in the morning on a flight back to the states. Keep tuned to find out where I’m headed next. Thank god for google alerts

OH I don’t think I’ll be camping any time soon. I say never again. It was bad, very bad. When I got back from the docks to rub a little sav on my whelps  and a swarm of insects decided to have all out war and took over my camp site. I had to grab what I could and run. I’m not camping ever again.


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