Resumes and Parties

Sent my resume into Harper Collins today.  Collins – makes me want to go back to Maine. We’ll see how that turns out. I’ve had plenty of experience with reading books I don’t see how my degree in cosmotology would disqualify me from a book job. I have a minor in masonry too. Should be a shoe in.

I’m planning on attending a costume party in L.A this Halloween. Rumor has it Mr. Depp will be in attendance.  If not, he’s having a get together at his home. Should be fairly easy to get in.  I’ll have plenty of time to get the lay out of the property.  Like I said, easy but my biggest concern will be Jerry.  Doesn’t he have a family or other places to be? My hope is that since this may be at Johnny’s place Jerry will be elsewhere.

In the meantime I have been busy at researching and adding things to my J.D. scrapbook.  All I need now is a few strands of his hair to make the first book complete. Maybe get it published too. : wink :



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