Secret Vacation



I left yesterday afternoon again for the islands. I had to hire a celebrity private boat captain to take me out to Johnny’s private island. He is the only captain that goes out here.  I paid heavily for this private sail out here too.  Quite interesting the boat I’m on is a yacht and it looks exactly like Johnny’s yacht.  However I know that Johnny’s is only available for summer rental. Hello it’s October! Duh.


The reason I decided to travel here? Mr Depp has been out of view and on the down low for a bit. I knew he’d be vacationing after his film wrapped up. A little peace and quiet. SO here I am. I’ve had a strange and wonderful time thus far. I can’t seem to find that lagoon on the island or the house. It has to be here somewhere.  I’m only half way through all the trees, so I’m sure I’ll come upon one or the other very soon. I hope he’ll be as excited to see me as I am him. After all the disappointments and impersonators.  : rolls eyes :

I was sure to pack unscented lotions and sunscreen. I’m glad I did I saw a mosquito the size of a baskteball.  Regardless of unscented it still managed to bite my ass cheek. I’m SORRY I have to wear this bikini it’s damn hot.

Unless I find the house I’ll have to stay on the beach tonight. I’m starting to get hungry too. I’ll have to make a spear from a small branch and get some fish.  I did find some berries that I ate, and so far the hunger is only minimal.


I should close for the time being and post more later. At this point I need to find a private spot and make a “ladies room”  All the travel must be doing a number on the ol’ bowels. Cramping seems to be getting stronger.


I don’t know where I’ll make this little space – because I figure it might be better closer to the water . It’s either that or I’ll have to dig a hole in the sand.               ….The pain is very intense now.


That would be ideal so that I can just fill it in after………




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