Sleepy Hollow

I’ve been through hell and back. That’s why I haven’t posted the last few days.  I took a trip to upstate NY to the little town of Sleepy Hollow. I spent Halloween there. I even leased a home for a week.  I did my usual search and asked the locals if they knew where Mr. Crane AKA Mr Depp could be found and one funny asshole gave me directions to the local cemetery. He didn’t TELL me it was the cemetery before I followed his directions.  Not funny. That only deters me from getting together with my soul mate.  Although I did appreciate the thought of till death do us part from that local. He may have been a good man after all.  At any rate….
The home I leased was located on ELM St. Not bad eh??  Eh??  I was told it was completely renovated and instead of it looking like a nice home out of a Nightmare on Elm St, it looked more like Michael Meyers house in Halloween. I said ” I thought you said this was renovated?”  They said “Oh no, it needs to be renovated by tenant.”   It was for a week I’m sure I could do something.

I did however find a covered bridge and I sat to the side of that said bridge on Halloween night. There were plenty of the locals that went back and forth across it. Some of them do actually believe in the headless horseman. I told them it was rubbish. Washington Irving had a brilliant imagination.  I went for a midnight stroll beyond the bridge and found a beautiful horse grazing. I ended up mounting and riding and went into a full run with the beauty. I did hear a man yelling behind as I was riding off, he was running after the horse and me – I didn’t get a chance to see who it was the fog was so thick his face wasn’t visible.  I rode for over half and hour and finally let the horse go on it’s way. I think it was half albino. Black but it’s eyes were pink/red. Poor thing.


I went home, no Mr Crane AKA DEPP in sight. I spent the next 5 days arguing with the landlords. I told them I was only there  a week and I did sweep. They were less than thrilled and we then had words about me leaving. The gall of some people. I’m glad to be home but I will be honest these silly rumors about Johnny dating some …who is she? Would we even know who she was if it wasn’t for him or his name attached to hers? No we wouldn’t. Nuff said.  Back up off mah’  turf punta.



That is all.




p.s There are no Van Tassels in Sleepy Hollow



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