I was KIDNAPPED!!!!!!


I was out the other night, walking the blocks outside my hotel and looking for The Viper Room. I got lost but took a back alley that was next to another club. I thought I’d stop and ask directions to The Viper Room.  There was a lot of chaos and clusterfuck activity going down. Not too sure what it was about but by the time I walked to the back of the alley people were pushing and trying to take photos, and men were standing around some damn vehicle hat was in my way. I was pushing my was past them.  I didn’t think it would take me long to find The Viper Room, I was in heels, a skirt and tired of walking anyway so these wanks were pissing me off.
The next thing I know I’m being pushed by these wanks and I find myself in the back seat of some corn chip smelling SUV. Flashes going off outside the windows and boom were on the street headed where?????   I leaned forward asking the driver “Where the hell are you two taking me??!”  He didn’t answer at first but looked at me in the rear view mirror. He quickly looked away and his cell phone rang.  This is what I heard

Driver: Yeah

Caller: Where are you?!

Driver: Headed to the destination

Caller: (louder now) We are STILL HERE!

Driver: we will make a round about and come back

caller: Hangs up


He looks in the rear view again and then leans towards the other guy. The whisper something and we keep driving.  I told them “Listen I don’t want any trouble I’m trying to get to The Viper Room.  They chuckled.  We were now outside of L.A. The outskirts and they stopped the car. “great I thought, not to be raped”  They asked me to exit the vehicle”   I did, and they drove off. JUST.   LIKE.   THAT.




Not even cab fare. Reminded me of my first time when I lost my virginity.


I took me over half an hour to hitch a ride. The woman asked where I wanted to go. I said I was trying to find the Viper Room, but I didn’t really care.  She had such a nice car. Very plush, she asked “I don’t have a date so to speak and I’m headed to a club, wanna join me. Might be some hottie guys there”   I agreed and so we pulled up to the club. FOR FUCK’S SAKE, it was the alley I had just been assaulted in.  I didn’t say a word but went in with her. Apparently you had to have reservations to get in.  It was quite the scene, blue hue around the bar. Plush leather seating. I took notice of the patio area immediate. It looked empty and I needed a good smoke.  I wanted a cigg bad.  A few gentlemen that blocked the entry had retreated to get a drink for their selves.  I stepped onto the patio and was smoking when I took notice of a guy sitting at table. Someone had been sitting with him. There were two drinks, but who ever it was had already left. I looked closer and


SURE AS HELL The imposter was sitting right there. I really had to think at this moment. Give him a piece of my mind or ……….not get too close what if he was on his baked beans and egg rampage again.  I gave him a chin up gesture …you know like ” I got your fucking ticket mister. Don’t you F*** with me”   He was a little stunned seeing me just standing there. I tossed my cigg on the flooring and walked away.  A man stopped me on my way out. He said ” Excuse me how did you get in here.”  I looked at him and said “Dumbass, I walked in.”
I told the lady that brought me in thank you – and I left I walked back to my hotel. That imposter is getting on my last nerve.

We’ll probably meet again. I’m sure we will.  I’m watching you, you little Bastard.



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