Tabloids steal my stories!

Every time I post something, the tabloids run with one of my ideas.  I went to Johnny’s island for a vacation then the next thing we know rumors swirl that Johnny went to his island with amber heard. Uhhh both had pictures taken elsewhere the week they were suppose to be at his island. Back to the more important issue. Why are the ideas here ending up in the SUN or or or. Hmmmm.  Me thinks there is someone without their own imagination reading this blog.

Next week maybe I’ll see Johnny at his NYC apartment again. Or maybe another party in LA ( stay tuned )

You know………………..the holidays are coming up. Maybe I’ll just leak what’s going to happen before it does. It’s faction people. You guess who the leaky source is.   I’m glad I didn’t post that I had cut my hair off short over a week ago I’d be pretty paranoid by now.

BTW  I hate tabloids. Full of shit.

P.S. Which one of you little bastards is it??   We all KNOW it couldn’t be me. HOW could I know those things would happen!!!


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