Where is Johnny?



Ok this man is either up inside his house – reclusing it out or spending the night at Tim Burton’s house. I’ve been watching lights go on and then off for over 16 hours.  I’m beginning to think it’s a caretaker or one of the body guards being nosy around the house. Better yet it’s probably Jerry in the house and he’s planting booby traps here and there. That man has a serious mission.(he still scares me) Does anyone know if he actually has days off??  I don’t think he does. As a matter of fact I don’t think he sleeps. I think he’s a vampire. Johnny does like vampires. I think he has one living with him. Fuck.


Look at this photo:  Hell poor Patti Smith can’t even get near Johnny and she’s in the back! Way behind Jerry. It’s like he has a force field that he enables.  Is Jerry kinda gesturing here ” Take my hand”   c l a s s i c  vampire line.















Ok and who the hell is this cock-blocker in action?






















I dunno who this guy is.   Jerry though? Yeah there’s something up with him.  I could see our first conversation:


Me:  “What are you?” I rasped.
Jerry:  Jerry  smiled. “Whatever scares you.”




















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