Johnny and Amber

Alright this isn’t your typical Miss Cleo or psychic hotline but Imma tell you how this is going to play out. Maybe not this week and maybe not even during high school spring break when Miss Heard is spending her spring break on Daytona beach but my 6th sense detectors are going off big time.

News just hit that Mr Depp is head over heels in love, and wants to spend the rest of his life with Amber Heard. ( This coming from a man that just got out of a 14 year relationship with the “love” of his life”)  bullshit radar at max for most of us.  Now aside from the FACT that the only woman he will be spending the rest of his life with is moi – yes ignoring that for the moment, I don’t see this happening with Miss Heard. Why?  ( Mind you this is all going off the rumors being true which for most of them it sounds like typical Hollywood bullshit – time will tell)  Again why? We all know that Johnny falls hard – really hard. He’s a romantic. So let’s say that he is interested in her for more than just a little roll in the hay after a big breakup.   My sensors tell me how this will end. The latest gossip stated he wanted to make Miss Heard a superstar. First off he has his work cut out for him. Let’s hope she gets some better roles. However I think what will happen is thus: Miss Heard won’t get too serious. I don’t think she’ll settle down. It’s a little apparent she doesn’t know what she wants. (man, woman, “Don’t label me!’ she says)  I think poor Johnny will end up being used. Used hard. Perhaps she’ll get a little more fame after all. Not many but the gay community knew who she was until The Rum Diary.

This isn’t going to end well for him.






Hollywood is a play ground and some people will do whatever it takes to become a big star. Rebounds are never a good thing and most of the time they end on a bad note. IF all these rumors are true – ( and I don’t care what photos have or haven’t been released or what sources some people have) certain proof isn’t there. Johnny may like his privacy, but Miss Heard is playing another angle.






Sorry to offend if I have, but wait it out.  I call it first and I’m not usually wrong. How lonely for him. Price of fame I suppose.







Now onto something a little more important. I saw Johnny leave for the Petty Fest the other evening. I couldn’t get out of this tree contraption to get to him fast enough. I’m wondering if anyone can swing by and bring me a coffee? I’m a little stuck and there is something in here with me. It might be a squirrel because I can feel it scratching me and I think it ate part of my underwear. It can’t get out either.  If anyone could just drop by I’d be grateful.  I’ve run out of snacks and this hairy thing inside the tree with me ate all my sunflower seeds.


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