Truth about J-amber

A role model we should all follow! I knew I loved Johnny! The truth has finally come about about Johnny and Amber. There IS a reason why he hasn’t had any “official” photos with her. There is a reason why Amber Heard is all smiles when she’s alone and the paparazzi photograph her and when she’s with Johnny she looks miserable. (strange no?)

We should all remember that Johnny is extremely private and guards his privacy well. We also know that Johnny was very determined to keep Lily-Rose and Jack out of the spotlight and did his best to keep photographs of them from being taken. Thus we have the question answered. Johnny is trying to protect Amber.  Word has it that he’s already been to the L.A. county clerks office and has filed papers! Johnny has found a needy child and he’s in the process of adoption!  Here we understand why he isn’t allowing photos. He’s protecting his newest child.


While working with Angelina on the Tourist he listened carefully to Angelina and her stories about adoption. Brad and Angie did it, Madonna did it, Bullock has done it and now Johnny Depp has taken the next step and he too is adopting!  I’ve always wanted to adopt a child and he’s such an inspiration that I might just get on the bandwagon myself.


Now for those of you that still think they are dating I encourage you to read the following: here 

However I can’t say you’ll like what you read. I feel that Johnny being the family man that he is, and the fact that he has given up his old partying ways, the wild man he once was that the above conclusion of adoption has to be the answer to all of our questions. The great thing is that now knowing what is really going on Amber Heard is no longer a threat to anyone. Especially me. I spent a lot of money on that tree costume (that took me several hours to get out of) and travel costs not to mention bail money I had to repay.    We can all rest assured that Johnny is a wonderful father and that Amber Heard has really lucked out. Who wouldn’t want him as a dad!  Jack, his son got a birthday party with all kinds of famous musicians in attendance, and Lily-Rose got to meet One Direction, so it’s only fitting that the third child should also be included. She was taken to Petty Fest. You don’t want any sibling fights breaking out. Certainly can’t have favoritism. All the pieces are fitting together.


Isn’t it a relief to know what’s finally going on? We should have known in the beginning. Johnny is 49 and Amber heard is 26. He’s not only old enough to be her father but she was 13 when Lily was born. Now Lily is 13. We know how much Johnny likes symbolism and numbers. So there ya have it!

Be well little Deppheads and fans! It’s all coming out now. Amber isn’t a minor so Johnny showing her the ropes shouldn’t take too long and she’ll be off flying the coop and away from the nest.


Johnny you’re such a sweetheart, kudos to you for doing this! WE knew there was a reason why we loved you!














Thank GOD it wasn’t the following!




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