Johnny in love with????

Nope I don’t buy it for a moment. Publicity stunt. It’s obvious.  Why would Johnny do a publicity stunt like this? He’s been a vamily man right? Yes.  There’s no such thing as bad publicity.  He and others “hired”her for The Rum Diary he’s an obvious choice.

Furthermore, no one and I mean NO ONE has patience like I do. This won’t last long and I’ll be there.  As a matter of fact Johnny has been at his home this week – his kids – Thanksgiving you know.  Now the one thing I know about models is that they wear all this sexy stuff to take pictures in but in real life off camera they wear whats known as grannie panties. Yep that’s right.  Grannie panties. Flowers and all.

Back to what we all really care about.  Although I’m well aware I’m ahead of others by leagues in caring. I resent the word stalking. Its more fitting and accurate to say watching skillfully.  ( By the way lover, you’re out of Milk)
In the next few days you’ll see first hand where I’m going to be.  What’s your favorite flavor of Jello dessert? Do you like Jello or do you like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch?  Also look out and be on watch for a lesser known sighting.
I am going to buy some supplies.  I’m starving. I’ve been out on the south lawn for a few days and didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because of it. Squirrels did share some acorns. The bad ones.


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