In Wonderland

I walked around Wonderland, OH for 6 hours before I finally understood the place was abandoned. Okay well maybe I didn’t come to understand. A patrolman told me.  However, before that awakening I did manage to find several rabbit holes and I did do my best to explore them. I was hoping one of them would lead to Mr. Depp AKA The Mad Hatter…alas no. The rabbit holes were of a good size but came with tops that were heavy to remove.


I did meet some interesting characters on my search, but didn’t find any of the known characters in the story. I was a bit disappointed. The main thing is that I never felt frightened or threatened when meeting several of these “people”











I am sorry to say it, but No MR DEPP. Wasn’t one sign of him – but I had a lot of fun and it gave me chance to really wear out this costume I bought.  I sure did get a lot of looks. IF ya know what I mean.

**EXCLUSIVE** Julie Bowen dons a zombie Alice in Wonderland costume, complete with bloody lip and a tattered dress, as 'Modern Family' films their holiday special


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