Where is Amber Heard?

Some people want to know. Well looks as if she’s keeping it low key and trying to “let things simmer down” from all the “Johnny Loves Amber Heard” articles circulating around the net.  You know, keep it on the down low, and then BOOM show up at a coffee shop, or in the back of an SUV (trying to steal my man), or better yet, she just goes and hangs out with friends while the paparazzi get pictures leaving everyone to think, “Hmm are Johnny and Amber (Jamber) together for real or not???”    Yep and all the while people are wondering- she’s getting an ass load(sorry NO PUN intended) of publicity.  It’s all working in favor of getting her name out there.

I can’t say where she’s at. I’m sure she saw family for the Thanksgiving holidays. I didn’t see her in any of the rabbit holes. Maybe she’s just wanting everyone to think she’s HOLED up in Johnny’s house. (UM, no because I lived on his lawn for over 4 days and nadda – never saw her)

So stop asking WHERE IS AMBER HEARD??  Don’t you worry my dears her needin’ fame and actin’ skills ass –  will show up soon enough. Trust me.

P.S.  Don’t get all offended either. Saying I’m being rude. PAH LEEASE there aren’t many ladies out there that aren’t feelin the same way. So don’t holy up on me. We all are thinking the same thing. “BITCH back the fuck up.”  There I’ve said it for all of us.  (specially me)


P.S.S.  what’s a stalking blogger gotta do around here to get a blog award? Dun tell me my writing skills are too elementary. Of course it is. Now give me a damn award!


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