Flying high

Too blonde, too toned, and well anyway….

Had a great time in NJ – you know it’s not at all like what people say. I found it very nice. Tonight I am in my hotel room and about to make my next plans for travel. Now…did I see Mr Depp in NJ?  No not in NJ.  Even if I did.. I’ve got to be very careful because of the double. Mr. Depp is  making it tricky for me. Again I’m sure he wants to see my dedication. The man is looking for fun “Keen to have some fun” You never know which one you’re going to see. Mr Depp or the double that knows I’m on to him.  It’s a bit like gambling.  I think my next stop might just take me out of the country. Perhaps France.

Stay tuned.

Oh and one more thing. I never forget and I don’t want anyone else to forget either. ALWAYS remember.(see cockblocking post)








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( I have received several emails and comments. Some people do not realize that in order to follow this journey you need to find July in the archives, scroll all the way down to the first post and read up. That will take you through every travel. Have fun it’s a blast!)


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