Christmas,Johnny Depp, and Random

I’ve finished with the last touches of Christmas decorating.  I have my beautiful tree, several snowmen ornaments on the mantle, a few candles here and there. One small candle in front of my Mr. Depp Christmas Photo:






I had to place a candle in front of it, because he does look a little chilly doesn’t he? Thing is This match won’t light, which is weird because it did this morning.

I did the last of my Christmas shopping on craigslist. It made things very easy this year and the great news is that everyone is getting used couches!  I also bought myself a Christmas present this year. I’m going to switch my car insurance from Geico to Allstate, then to Statefarm, then back to Geico. If my calculations are correct, they should owe me $837. That’s a pretty good present.  ON the down side of things, someone cracked my password to my email today and i’m pissed because that means I have to rename my dog.  People have no respect.

I suppose I’ll close for tonight. I have an upcoming trip in a few days.  Who knows where I’ll end up. OH YES, the paparazzi, they’ve been good about finding out lately. So I big you all goodnight. OH and just so you know-, because I was informed today of this:  Have you ever loved someone so much that you wanted to keep them hidden from the world and have them also to yourself? Well, apparently that is called kidnapping.




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