Johnny’s Next Move



So – I’ve been debating on if I wanted to pursue Mr. Depp on his next adventure. I’ve been sitting on the lawn ( yes his ) for the last two hours tonight trying to decide. Actually I just wanted to see his Christmas tree for a bit longer. It’s beautiful and right inside his window. Now you may be wondering how I got on the lawn again. Very carefully. That fence is a monster and I always have to be careful. Last time I snagged my undies on it. I learned my lesson. No underwear when climbing that fence.

Now, how did I get here, well it worked once before so I decided to go with what works. Don’t rock the boat.












So far so good. I did see Jerry too. While we’re on the subject of Jerry. I came across a photo the other day of Jerry in action. I make a habit of posting these because this man is very real, and very serious. I’m still implementing a plan on how to get around him.


















Perhaps since it’s Christmas I will figure out how to form my “cock block distraction team.”  or CDBT

Anyway my next move – or rather Johnny’s next move.  We’re going to pair up here in LA – maybe take a little trip. Who knows. Should be fun.  Just wait for what’s going to happen!  Come on PAPS – come at me bros !



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