New Years Resolutions



I’m trying to come up with a resolution I can stick to. I’ve thought of several but I’m not sure which one or ones to pick.


1. Stop eating junk food. This means I have to eat all the junk food in my house so that it’s not tempting me any longer.

2. Continue to be awesome

3. Stop being sarcastic. (yeah right)

4. Get started on last years resolutions

5. Don’t make any resolutions because there is nothing wrong with my lifestyle

6. Give Mr. Depp an upgrade to his romantic life.

7.  I could stop being awesome since I do that in excess

8. Stop drinking (I can do that when I’m sleeping)

9.  Spend more time avoiding family

10. Don’t have a resolution and watch everyone else have epic fails on their resolutions.

11. Do NOT let Jerry catch me


There ya have it. I have to decide. Maybe I’ll pick a few of these.


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