JD showing for New Years!

I got word that Johnny would be visiting the reservation for New Years Eve. Big celebration there. I quickly left this morning and made my way out to said spot.  Everyone was very nice to me. I let them know that I had a huge surprise for everyone this evening.  Lots of fireworks and a special celebration for Johnny. They acted surprised that I mentioned Johnny Depp. However they were overjoyed that I had went out of my way to provide the entertainment and celebratory effects.  They seemed very surprised that I knew Johnny would be attending as well. When I mentioned his name they were very shocked. Those shocked faces quickly turned to huge smiles and they have eagerly began to help me set up all the needed necessities. Just a few hours more and  everything would be in full swing.

Two of the women have asked where Mr Depp would like to stay. Which is weird because I told them, ” I don’t know….I thought he would have made arrangements already.”   My best guess is that he’s keeping it on the down low until he arrives. Last minute details you know. I did tell them that he could lodge with me. They nodded and walked away giggling. A bigger Native American man came up to me and asked  ” Are you Amber, you don’t look like Amber.”  I frowned – and in my best Madea voice said ” You can’t make no housewife outta no ho.  I am not Amber.  Miss Amber isn’t with Mr. Depp, my name is Kate Van WinFenn”   He nodded and smiled.  I finished with, “Rumors, all rumors, and a clever one no doubt. You didn’t know who Mr Depp was really with did you?”      He again nodded and walked away.   In the meantime the trucks arrived and they are finishing up with all the huge fireworks display.









Food has been cooked, and the beer and rum is being passed around.   Yep.  They keep trying to get me to take a toke or two off a pipe. After the festivities begin, I think I’ll partake.

So this entry will be finished as soon as the celebration is over and Mr Depp is quietly sleeping beside me.

More to come.


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