New Year 2013 (All Hell Broke Loose)



THAT was an epic event.


By the time I had things all set up, fireworks, food, drink, music etc. I decided I would partake in a little smoke. Wasn’t too bad. Relaxing actually. Mr Depp still hadn’t arrived and it was 30 minutes before the new year rang in. I started to worry slightly. A few members of the tribe came to me and asked where Mr Depp was at. I said “I have no idea, you’re suppose to know that.”  They began to talk with one another and then seemed to become aggravated. At that point, out of nowhere swarms of snakes filtered onto the grounds. HUNDREDS OF THEM!    The fireworks started and every time one went off with a loud boom, I was screaming and took off running for my life. Trying not to step on the snakes.













THEN the beetles arrived. Thousands of them crawling everywhere.















It was night out, but when those fireworks lit the sky it looked like a kaleidoscope going off in my eyes. Anyway, I’m running and apparently what I thought was a well worn path was actually a buffet table that was set up with all the food.

outdoor space - outdoor dining - flowers - romantic buffet table - lantern chandeliers  - outdoor decor and design - dining room pillow chairs via pinterest













They told me later that I ran “over it” demolishing the whole thing. That would explain why I had pistachio pudding and chocolate shavings all over my new shoes. It would also explain the never ending slide-a-thon that happened directly after ….crashing through the buffet table – nothing horrible happened with sliding. I actually landed softly in a tee-pee! They don’t make them like that anymore! That one was from the early 1800’s!  Can you imagine that it made it all these years!










At that point I was still fending off the snakes yelling” My god they’re going to kill us all!!!!” No one else was running……..  I came to the conclusion this was a regular event.  I still can’t explain the hobbits that I saw, or the fact that entire tribe was laughing so hard.  I think the laughing must have been from the fireworks. People seemed to really enjoy them. That’s a good thing since the whole evening was going to hell.


Still no sign of Mr Depp. I had a feeling that he must have gotten there right as hades opened up and got out in the *nick of time*  The last thing I remember is tripping over some old pieces of wood people were using to sit on.  Some guy tried to over me more smoke as I was running by but I was still trying to get to safety.

The owner here at this cafe was open late for New Years – she was kind enough to give me some old jeans and underwear. Mine were torn off by the old pieces of wood.  I’m getting a ride to the nearest town- get a hotel and leaving tomorrow.  This place is weird. Just plain weird. Even the food is rainbow colored.  She said the effects of cactus pudding would wear off soon. I told her it was pistachio. She just laughed. Sure are a cheery bunch of people. On the way out my vision was all blurry and I face planted. Owner said I had perfect technique.

















HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!  I’ll be sleeping alone tonight 😦





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