Down and Out

After such a wonderful time, I’ve been left with the nastiest of colds. Seriously I feel like I’m dying. My whole body hurts. Not the flu but besides a high temp with the flu I don’t see much difference. This is “shoot me now”  illness.

I’ve been laying on my couch with all of my Johnny Depp goodies around me. Several photos, movies, internet bookmarks. A few candles. Romantic except for the smell of vicks vapor rub in the air. Then again maybe that’s someones Sunday night. Who knows. I have to say I’m one of the more attractive ladies when I’m sick with a cold etc











Then again I make sure I have all the necessities to feel better soon.












And with as much as I’ve been drinking, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a Nyquil endorsement soon.


Goodnight minions.

PS – Forget Paris he’s been in LA the whole time.


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